Permeation Grouting

The Permeation Grouting is the process of injecting grout into the pores of a granular soil in accordance with DIN-4093. The horizontal grouted cut-off blankets have to fulfill no structural function at all in terms of a specified material strength and are, therefore, located at a depth below the base of an excavation at which adequate safety against uplift is established. When carrying out a check for safety against uplift, the horizontal grouted cut-off blankets are assumed to be completely impermeable with an imaginary membrane lying at its base.


Permeation grouting enables deep-level sealing blankets to be produced in sand and gravel. Single sleeve pipes are vibrated into the ground or installed in bores in a preset grid configuration. Through the valve the grout is injected. In the vicinity of the valves spherical or elliptical grout bodies are created which form a continuous, tight blanket.


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