High Pressure Grouting

Bauer‘s system of cement injection under high pressure is considered nowadays the ultimate solution for an environmentally acceptable ground improvement injections.
The system has the following advantages:
• No chemicals are injected into the soil
• Time and cost effective
• The injection body has a relatively high compressive strength
• Can be used in almost all types of soils
Drilling / flushing can be carried out by almost all known rotary drilling machines. Once the final depth has been reached, the changeover between flushing and injection is made by a valve which is located in the jet housing.
The high pressure grouting stream is produced by a nozzle fixed at the lower end of the drilling rod, cutting into the surrounding soil. Usually the jet stream consists of a mix of water or / and air together with cement suspension.
The grout columns are formed by continuously rotating and pulling up the drilling rod. The diameter and depth of the column are influenced by the following parameters:
• Pulling speed of the drilling rod
• Pressure of grout pump
• Rotation speed of the rod (RPM)
• Diameter of the used nozzle


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