Assuit Barrage



Ministry of irrigation and water resources

Main Contractor:
Egyptian French JV for new Assuit Barrage (Vinci - Arabco- Orasco


Construction period:
2012 - 2016

Scope of Works:
• Supply & Construction of single phase cut-off wall for ring dam (SPW)

• Construction of permanent double phase cut-off wall (DWP) underneath the new barrage

• Construction of diaphragm wall as foundation for barrage pier(s)

• Installation of deep wells for dewatering

• Construction of permanent cut-off wall for diversion canal

Cut-off Wall Works:
Construct of cut-off walls with thickness from 800 mm to 1,000 mm. Depth of walls is up to 40 meter. Total quantity of executed diaphragm wall is 24,260 square meter.