Hotac towers - Accor hotel

El -Tahrir Square, Cairo

El -Tahrir Square, Cairo


Ehaf / Active Brains Consulting Group

Year of construction:

Project description:
Accor international and National Society General Bank NSGB (Egyptian French Bank) have participated in constructing a new complex tower located in Tahrir Square, Cairo. The complex will be split to two zones, the first will be five stars luxury hotel under Accor management, while the second part will be connected to the main headquarter of NSGB.

Scope of Works:
• Construction of retention system
Anchored Diaphragm wall: Depth: 20 m ; Thickness: 640 mm
Wall excavation: 330,32 linear meters
Retained wall: 9 meter

• Controlling of ground water:
For ground water at depth of 20 meter with minimum thickness of 3 meters. Quantity of grouting layers is 5,005 meter square.