Ismailia Tunnels under Suez Canal



JV consists of:
1. Petroleum Projects and technical consulting company ( Petro jet )
2. Concord for Engineering & Contracting Company ( Concord )
3. Razel-BEC  France           

Project description:
Supplementing of the new Suez Canal a twin car tunnels is to be constructed crossing the old and new Suez canal with a total length of about 5,975 m. The tunnel shall be executed by the a/m JV. Bauer Egypt has awarded the geotchniacl works for the TBM Entry Zone, TBM exist zone and 4 ventilation deep shafts along the tunnel passage.

Scope of Works:
• Diaphragm Wall and Barrettes Works
Construct diaphragm walls with thickness from 1,000 mm to 1,500 mm. Depth of walls is up to 50 meter. Total quantity of executed diaphragm wall is 50,218 square meter.

Soft Gel Grout Plug Works
Grout a soft gel plug at a depth of 50 meter from the street level. Plug thickness 2 and 3 meter. Grouted area is 21,250 square meter.