Ismailia Tunnels

Ground Freezing of 4 Cross Passages

Ismailia Road Tunnels are twin tube tunnels passing the new and old Suez Canals in Ismailia city of Egypt.

The twin tunnels were constructed using Tunnel Boring method with 2 Tunnel Boring Machines each of 12.6m cutting diameter reaching 53m below sea level.

The two parallel tunnels were connected by 4 Cross-Passages (CP) each one Km distance, where personnel can access the other tunnel in case of an emergency.

These Cross Passages are ~13m long & 5m in diameter.

Due to high hydrostatic water pressure of 5 bars in mostly sandy soil, Ground Freezing has been adopted & the excavation was carried out in the protection of 2 m thick frozen bodies.

The frozen bodies served two main purposes during the excavation process of each cross passage:

- As structural elements “temporary excavation support”

- Providing water tightness