Special Solutions

The elimination of traffic congestion and bottle necks on the important Cairo-Alexandria Agricultural expressway became a pressing necessity, specially with the significant growth of cities along that road.

Studies showed the need to construct new fly-over bridges over road and Nile crossings and replace some of the existing narrow bridges with new ones.

The new Kafr El Zayat bridge is one of the new bridges to be constructed in replacement of the old bridge crossing the Nile. Kafr El-Zayat bridge  shall include two navigational openings each of width 130 meters.

Due to the importance and urgency of the project, 80 % of the piling works of the bridge were awarded to Bauer Egypt and the remaining 20 %  were awarded to two other foundation contractors.

Bauer Egypt's scope of the works included 128no. Piles of diameter 1500mm and depth 39 meters for two out of three off-shore piers. It also included 457no. Piles of diameter 800mm and depths varying from 27 to 31 meters in addition to 24no. piles of diameter 1500mm and depths varying from 33 to 38 meters for the on-shore piling works.


Applied methods