Revolution Leaders Museum


One of the major challenging projects in Egypt nowadays. The project required to install additional foundation elements within the interior perimeter of an already existing building. Bauer Egypt managed to mobilize a BC-15 to install the perimeter 1,000 mm thick diaphragm walls, a BG-11 to install the 800 & 1,200 mm diameters piles and a UBW-8 to install grouting points of the horizontal grout blanket. The perimeter of the project had approximately 91 linear meters of diaphragm walls forming a closed box shape to contain the new foundations of the museum. Other 16 piles of diameters 1,200 and 800 mm were installed within the perimeter of the diaphragm walls to receive the new foundations load. A horizontal grout blanket shall be installed at a depth of 17 meters to reduce ingerss of ground water into the box formed by the diaphragm wall.