Ritz Carlton Hotel

Al - Tahrir Square

Al - Tahrir Square

Misr Hotels Company

ECO (Dr. Ali Abdelrahman)

Year of construction:

Project description:
This project is the execution, completion and remedy of defects of Nile Helton hotel (Previously)
The location of the site is located within an area of heavy traffic congestion and high security levels with
Access/egress and working hour’s restriction and controls, the works include substantial underground
Works adjacent to and within the historic existing building (Egyptian Museum).

Scope of Works:
Diaphragm wall
• 4,420 meter square
• Thickness 640 mm
• Depth 14 meter

Pilling works
• 787 piles with diameter 600 and 800 mm, length 14 meter allowable compression load 80 and 150 tons
• 567 micro piles with diameter 250 mm, length 18 meter allowable compression load 25 tons