Secon Maadi Towers



Arabtic-Siac JV

Year of construction:

Scope of Works:
• Diaphragm Wall Works
Construct inner and outer diaphragm walls with thickness from 640 mm to 800 mm. Depth of walls is up to 30 meter. Total quantity of executed diaphragm wall is 11,400 square meter

• Soft Gel Grout Plug Works
Grout a soft gel plug at a depth of 30 meter from the street level. Plug thickness 2 meter grouted area is 9,000 square meter

• Bored piles works
Construct of 1100 no. of bored piles with diameter 1,000 mm and length 28 m

• Anchors and strutting system
About 297 anchors at 2 rows of anchors and strutting system