TTC Tripoli

Tripoli – Libya

Tripoli – Libya

Libyan Consolidated Contractors Company “LCCC”

Year of construction:

Project description:
The project located in the coastal road, souk al talat area, Tripoli. The area contained a lot of luxury five stars hotels. The project consists of two towers (hotel and offices). The substructure consists of four basement constructed within the perimeter diaphragm wall and pilled raft foundation system. The basement in general is occupied by car parking and various planet rooms and water tanks.

Scope of Works:
Diaphragm wall
• 12,000 square meter
• Thickness 800 mm
• Depth 22 meter

Pilling works
• 510 piles with diameter 1,000 mm, length 45 meter allowable compression load 472 tons

• 554 piles with diameter 1,200 mm, length 45 meter allowable compression load 679 tons

Ground anchors
• 1050 ground anchor