Tahrir Car park

El-Tahrir Square, Cairo

El-Tahrir Square, Cairo

Arab Contractors

Year of construction:

Project description
As a result of the highly crowded roads in Cairo, the government decided to construct a number of underground car parks particularly in downtown area.

Scope of Works:
• Diaphragm Wall and Barrettes Works
Construct inner and outer diaphragm walls and barrettes with thickness from 640 mm to 1,000 mm. Depth of walls is up to 35 meter. Total quantity of executed diaphragm wall is 36,883 square meter.

• Soft Gel Grout Plug Works
Grout a soft gel plug at a depth of 32 meter from the street level. Plug thickness varied from 3.80 to 4.20 meter. Grouted area is 17,160 square meter.

• Groundwater Control System
Bauer Egypt was responsible for the supply and installation of complete groundwater control system comprising 35 deep wells, piping works and alarm system. The controlling system is expected to run for about 16 months after completion of the soft gel grout plugs.